The Universe is in danger.
Your little brother has been kidnapped by the Void.
He is the key. Find Horo!
Main features of our game:
An unforgettable story:
Guide Inanis in his travel throung space and time
to save his little brother Horo.
Solve logic puzzles:
Use the power of the magic wand to create the path
and catch all the runes in each level to get into the portal.
Avoid the void:
Try to eliminate all the minions of the Void.
Create and activate traps agains them.
The Llama Studio team:
Álvaro de la Vallina
Beatriz Alonso
Juan Ródenas
Sergio Espinosa
Alberto Mejías
Ángel Carrasco
Carlos García
Maralba Alcaide
Chema Vilchez
Diego Bonilla
Roberto Alonso
Llama Studio is a student team from U-tad
(Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital).
based in Las Rozas, Madrid.

We all love videogames and we are working hard
to develop a great fun game.
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Do you like our game?
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